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We believe that all Americans can feel the gravity of what is happening in Ukraine and take Russia’s attack on freedom very seriously.

It threatens our very way of life.

It is serious enough that we cannot sit idly by.

We have to fight in different ways for freedom and democracy at home.

One way to do this is certainly to strengthen our way of life in our communities, to affirm our institutions of freedom and private enterprise.

You see, “state-owned” is behind everything Russia and China do.

Their governments control what people are told, what people and private enterprise can do. You have probably read where Russia talks about “nationalize” the United States and other Western businesses that closed in protest of the war.

America is the champion of private enterprise.

Our individual freedom strengthens our private enterprise by allowing people to take risks to produce goods, provide services, and earn a living.

That sounds pretty deep, we know, but the point we’re making supports this community newspaper’s regular efforts online and in print to shout from mountaintops the praises of private businesses and public agencies in our region and the vital role that they play to support our freedoms.

Today we launch our annual PROGRESS editions – until Friday.

Take the time to read about the people and businesses that make our region work.

They take risks.

They invest.

They go above and beyond to manufacture and supply.

They are the cornerstone of our free economy and they deserve our support.

As war rages across the world, now is the time to rally together and not take our businesses and institutions for granted.

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