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Tropical-Pacific weather forecast for Saturday, April 9, 2022


Eastern Pacific:

There is no discussion of the Eastern Pacific Tropics at this time.

West Pacific:

Tropical Storm Malakas well south of Guam

On Friday afternoon EDT, Tropical Storm Malakas, designated by the Japan Meteorological Agency, is well centered south of Guam. The storm is expected to gradually strengthen as it follows

northwesterly over the southeast Philippine Sea over the next few days. Malakas is the first named storm of the year in the basin. The storm is expected to pass between Guam and the island of Yap by

later in the weekend, so there should be minimal threat to land; however, Guam could experience heavy rain and gusty winds from the weekend through Monday.

A tropical rainstorm is just east of the southern Philippines and will continue to bring increased rainfall to parts of the central and southern Philippines over the next few days as it slowly drifts

to the north. There is only a very small chance that it will become a tropical storm.

A weak tropical rainstorm is forming over the southern South China Sea and is unlikely to strengthen as it drifts north over the next few days. Either way, increased rains are expected in Borneo

and finally Palawan during the weekend.

South Pacific:

No new information for this period.


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