Sydney weather clears, NSW floods declare national emergency, Ukraine applauds US-imposed Russian oil sanctions, UK, Scott Morrison met with protests in Lismore


European Union leaders will gradually stop buying Russian oil, gas and coal as Moscow’s war on Ukraine makes them realize they need to be less dependent on Russia, a draft report has shown. statement, but they are unlikely to offer Ukraine the quick EU membership it seeks.

EU27 leaders are due to meet in Versailles on Thursday and Friday as Russia’s war on Ukraine, which Moscow calls a “special military operation”, enters its third week despite massive Western sanctions.

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, right, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.Credit:AFP

“Russia’s war of aggression constitutes a tectonic shift in European history,” said a draft statement from the 27 EU leaders prepared for the summit.

“Faced with growing instability, strategic competition and security threats, we have decided to take greater responsibility for our security and to take decisive new steps to build our European sovereignty, reduce our dependencies and design a new model of growth and investment for 2030.”

This is a turning point for the EU, as Russia is its largest energy supplier, supplying more than 40% of its gas, more than a quarter of its oil imports and almost half of its coal.

Officials said EU leaders would also offer strong words of support to Ukraine to clarify its future ties with the European Union after Kyiv, which now has an association agreement with the EU, applied for full EU membership shortly after the Russian attack.

But they also said that despite pressure from the Baltics and Poland, granting Ukraine accelerated access to the bloc was unlikely, not least because it would create immediate problems with other candidates like Georgia or Moldova. and those already in preparation like Macedonia. , Montenegro, Albania or Serbia.



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