Seven Uyghur employees of a sports school in Xinjiang are serving up to 5 years in prison — Radio Free Asia


Authorities in China’s northwest Xinjiang region have sentenced seven Uyghur teachers at a sports school in Kashgar to four to five years in prison, a local police officer and a woman said. person familiar with the situation.

The police officer, who did not give his name, provided the names of the teachers detained at the Kashgar Sports School, which is located in the neighborhood where his post patrols, but said he did not know not the reasons for the arrests.

Uyghur instructors and staff members Adil Tursun, Amir, Osmanjan and Qeyserjan were arrested in early 2017, he said. Authorities then arrested the school’s taekwondo coach, Abduxkur, and math teacher, Esqerjan. Another employee, Nurmemet Yasin, was the last to be detained.

“I don’t know the last names of these teachers,” he said. “They were sentenced to four or five years each for re-education. I don’t know where they are now.

Uyghurs made up about 20% of employees among the school’s 60-odd workers. The others were Han Chinese, according to a Uighur source familiar with the school.

“Osmanjan is around 42 or 43,” said a source close to school staff, who declined to be named. “Amir is the same age as Osmanjan. They graduated from the same class. Adil Tursun is around 45 years old. We do not know the reasons why they were arrested.

An earlier report from the FRG confirmed that authorities arrested Alimjan Mehmut, a volleyball teacher at Kashgar Sports School who carried the torch for the 2008 Summer Olympics in China.

Mehmut was sentenced to eight years in prison in Aksu (in Chinese, Akesu) for ‘befriending bearded men’ amid a growing crackdown on Islamic practices and culture, according to reports. provided by the Norway-based advocacy organization. Uyghur Hjelpwhich documents missing and imprisoned Uyghurs in the XUAR.

“Alimjan Mehmut was arrested before I went to work at school,” the source said. “It has been two years since he was arrested.

In the previous RFA story, Aduweli Ayup, the Uyghur linguist who runs the Uyghur Hjelp website, said that Mehmut was one of at least six or seven instructors, including two volleyball coaches, at the school. Kashgar sports carried away by the authorities in recent years.

At the time, Ayup also named Kashgar Sports School’s colleagues Mehmut, Ezizjan and Ezisqari among those arrested, although their detention was yet to be confirmed by police.

Translated by FRG Uyghur. Written in English by Roseanne Gerin.


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