MACAU DAILY TIMES 澳門每日時報 » Hac Sa Sports Day on Labor Day


A sports day will be held at Hac Sa Beach Park from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. this Sunday, the Labor Day holiday. Recreational and sports activities will be organized, including sand competitions, water sports, beach ball experiences, beach games and sports. The sand competition is available on a first-come, first-served basis, with on-site registration and a quota of 16. Interested parties should visit the Sports Office website for details and arrive on site by 2 p.m. the day. .

The government swimming season will start this Sunday

The government swimming season will start on May 1, with lifesaving personnel and danger signals available from that date. The government reminds bathers to pay attention to the decreed danger signals when deciding whether to enter the water. In the event of an incident, accident or emergency, bathers can contact any lifeguard or paramedic for assistance. The government stresses that no open fires, camping or vehicles of any type are allowed on local beaches. The swimming season will officially end on October 31.

Two of the five new cyclone names provided by Macau

Two of five new tropical cyclone names developing in the Pacific Northwest and South China Sea were provided by Macau. The two names are Penha and Peilou. The former is the name of the hill forming part of the backdrop of Sai Van and Nam Van lakes, while the latter is a transcription of the Chinese name for the famous black-faced spoonbills that regularly winter in Macau. They replace Lin Fa and Vong Fong, names which have both been suspended due to the significant destruction caused by the homonymous cyclones. The other three names are Narra, from the Philippines; Gaenari from South Korea and Bang-lang from Vietnam. The first two are bush type names and the last is a tree type.


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