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Editor, News-Register:

Former President Donald J. Trump’s recent comments in his relentless support and praise of Russian President and dictator Vladimir Putin are inappropriate, troubling, and most likely treacherous, calling the recent invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine “great.” ‘Russian strongman’ and describing Putin as someone he, Trump, ‘knows very, very, very well’, as ‘very smart and very shrewd’, while calling the leaders of our great nation ‘stupid’ and members of our NATO allies of “not so smart,” which begs the question: whose side is Mr. Trump really on?

The aforementioned comments from our former president would be equivalent if President Franklin D. Roosevelt had spoken such words of support to German dictator Adolph Hitler during his invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939.

Also, praise and support for the Russian dictator and aggressor/war criminal from former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as well as Fox New host Tucker Carlson, and many other sycophants of Trump, are very concerning and embarrassing, and run counter to our democratic beliefs.

What would it have been like if Republican icon President Ronald Reagan held similar views during the Cold War era? Obviously, if that had been the case, the Cold War would never have ended the way it did and the Soviet Union, which President Putin is now trying to aggressively reform, would have continued to exist.

Fortunately, Presidents Roosevelt and Reagan, and every CEO in our country, have made a strong case for democracy and freedom around the world, with the apparent exception of our 45th President. , Donald J. Trump.

Moreover, former President Trump inexplicably compared the Russian invasion of Ukraine with migrants trying to enter our country from Mexico.

Unfortunately, it seems quite obvious that Mr. Trump’s unwavering admiration for authoritarian world leaders, as he has done before, has made alarming and positive comments about foreign dictators such as Korea’s Kim Jong Un. of the North, Xi Jinping of China, as well as others, continues to be relentlessly not about to slump.

Isn’t it finally time to hold Mr. Trump accountable for his work and his heinous acts, and prove to the world that our great country will continue to embrace and support freedom and democracy around the world, as it does? has always done?

Richard Horde

Martin’s Ferry

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