Formula 1 | Vasseur on Zhou’s criticism: “they are stupid people”


By signing Guanyu Zhou at Alfa Romeo, Frédéric Vasseur has never hidden the fact that financial or marketing considerations could also be taken into account, in part, in the final equation.

However, while McLaren is hoarding sponsors for example, Sauber seems to be struggling to recruit Chinese sponsors. So far, only SenseTime and AMX have joined Sauber… one could have imagined more given the firepower of the world’s second largest economy.

Boss Frédéric Vasseur readily acknowledges the difficulties. He thinks Chinese companies may be waiting to see Guanyu Zhou perform better.

“We have signed our second Chinese sponsor. It’s a good decision and I’m also happy about it. I know it will be a long process. »

“We signed with SenseTime and we’ve had AMX in the past, those are the two main sponsors we have in China.”

“Maybe it will take time, I’m sure, but maybe Zhou needs to score more points and be the first to perform to attract new sponsors.”

“Until now, it was a bit difficult. »

“But we feel, because we have tons of contacts, that it’s starting to work. But it’s quite slow. »

Guanyu Zhou’s nationality is definitely a plus; but don’t tell Frédéric Vasseur that his pilot was chosen just for that. Moreover, his performances on the track since the beginning of the year speak for themselves.

“You know that in the paddock we have a lot of stupid people, with very little understanding of our profession…”

“And just because you give an idiot a free pass doesn’t make him smarter. »

“At the end of the day, I think it’s better not to talk, but to act. And that’s how Zhou approached the situation. »

How does Guanyu Zhou himself react to these stupid comments according to Frédéric Vasseur?

“I had a talk with Zhou when those stupid remarks came on the table. I said, ‘Zhou, it’s okay, you’ll have to do the job no matter what they think and say today’ today you will have to do the job and you will have the full support of the team and that is the most important thing.”

“So show everyone you can do it. »


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