Clarke Getting Ready for Beijing –


For Alex Clarke of Weyburn, the phone call made a dream come true. It was the call to let her know that she had been selected by the International Ice Hockey Federation to be one of the linesmen for the upcoming women’s hockey tournament at the Beijing Winter Olympics, in China.

“I had been waiting for it for a few months, and we knew this was going to happen for a few months, so just to finally get the yes or no, it was such a relief, and obviously a good one with the yes being the answer I ‘ve had it, ”Clarke told Discover Weyburn.

The past year has been a whirlwind of a year for Clarke.

In addition to being selected for the Winter Olympics, she officiated at the World Women’s Hockey Championships in Calgary, became the first woman hired to be an officer in the WHL, was one of ten women hired for AHL officer, worked in SJHL games, and also worked in minor hockey games in Weyburn and surrounding areas.

Add to that the responsibilities of a full-time job and being a mom.

“Busy is exactly what it is, it’s busy and I have a really good support system so I’ve been able to seize every opportunity that presented itself,” added Clarke. “I am very grateful for all of them at the same time.”

Clarke leaves for China on January 29 and the tournament kicks off on February 3. The preliminary round continues until the 8th, with the quarter-finals on February 11 and 12, the semi-finals on the 14th, the bronze medal game on the 16th and the gold medal game on the 17th.

Clarke doesn’t know what her schedule will be yet, but she does know that she probably won’t be competing in any of the Canadian games. During the Olympics, officials assigning officials go to great lengths to ensure that referees and linesmen do not work on matches involving their own country.

You can listen to Clarke’s full interview here:


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