China to increase sports area per capita to 2.6 m² in 2025


BEIJING — China’s total per capita sports use area is expected to reach 2.6 square meters in 2025, according to a plan to upgrade the national public fitness service system that was released Wednesday.

China has improved its national fitness infrastructure in recent years, demonstrating the success of the sport’s continued development. The new plan calls for a regular exercise participation rate of 38.5% in 2025 and 45% in 2035.

“The plan covers people of all ages,” said Chen Shiyang, a professor at Beijing Sports University, who added that “the development of sports will be shared by everyone, and sports culture will increasingly influence more domains”.

The 2022 Winter Olympics are becoming a key factor in encouraging people to take up sport.

When Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2015, China set a goal of involving 300 million people in winter sports.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), more than 346 million Chinese have participated in winter sports or related leisure activities by October 2021 since promised.

With a rapidly growing athletic population, the plan aims to build a better national fitness system. At least one sports instructor is appointed in each community and sports enthusiasts are encouraged to establish their sports clubs.

“Introducing sports instructors to communities is a creative measure,” said Wang Xueli, director of the center for sports industry development at Tsinghua University.

“It will activate the instructors as a group, meeting the needs of as many people as possible,” Wang added.

To promote the development of outdoor sports, the plan encourages local governments to set up sports facilities in available spaces such as parks, hills and river banks.

“The plan pays enough attention to outdoor sports, which will allow people to enjoy nature and embrace health,” said Lin Xianpeng, vice president of the university’s management school. Beijing Sports.

The use of technology is also seen as one of the highlights of the plan. “Innovation is a key part of promoting sports, and technologies such as 5G will provide more opportunities for exercise,” Wang said.


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