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1. Was the moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars a staged incident in the style of pro wrestling?

John Letasky: It’s hard to believe it wasn’t. Look at the attention it brought to the Oscars, Smith and Rock. Straight out of pro wrestling.

Jeff Welsch: The conspiracy theorist in me wonders what isn’t staged these days. I mean, Duke and UNC in Coach K’s latest Final Four? Hmmm.

Bill Bighaus: No. It was just an unfortunate example of how mean and rude and violent our society has become over the past five years.

Mike Scherting: Honestly, I don’t know what it was.

Greg Rachac: I sure hope it was staged. Otherwise, it was a pretty shameful (and unfortunately not surprising) display.

2. How will Bruce Arians’ retirement as Bucs coach affect Tom Brady’s plans for the upcoming season?

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John Letasky: I don’t know if I’m buying this, Greg. The duo have worked pretty well together for the past two years. But, I still see the Bucs winning with Brady at QB.

Jeff Welsch: It won’t, unless Arians plan to move to wide receiver or left tackle.

Bill Bighaus: I will answer this question in 40 days when I am fully convinced that the Arians will not be left without a retreat.

Mike Scherting: I’m not sure it matters to Brady who the coach is. Brady is a player/coach in many ways.

Greg Rachac: I have the impression that the departure of the coach was not really a “retirement”. Tom gets what Tom wants.

3. Will former Billings Mustang Hunter Greene be an impact player at the MLB level?

John Letasky: Greene definitely has the potential and will have the entire Magic City baseball community on his side.

Jeff Welsch: I would say anyone who cracks a starting pitcher rotation — even the Reds — is by definition an impact player.

Bill Bighaus: Yes. Hopefully Greene and Nick Lodolo, who also pitched for the Mustangs, will anchor the Reds’ starting rotation for many years to come. These are exciting prospects.

Mike Scherting: I hope so, for the sake of my Reds and for him. He seemed like a young man on the ground when he was here, so you hope for success for players like that.

Greg Rachac: If he can harness that 102 mph fastball, absolutely.

4. Should F1 continue racing in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar?

John Letasky: Money always seems to talk, so it’s hard to see F1 changing course now.

Jeff Welsch: If committing atrocities were a disqualifying factor, the list of nations eligible to host events would be woefully sparse.

Bill Bighaus: Probably not a good idea.

Mike Scherting: These countries should not host global sporting events.

Greg Racach: Should the Olympics have taken place in Russia and China in the not too distant past? Answer: No.

5. In light of the Smith/Rock feud, which two celebrities would you like to see in a pro wrestling-style “cage match”?

John Letasky: Come on guys, you all know you want to see a celebrity cage match. …How about Hulk Hogan’s body slamming some nameless non-celebrity Russian politician with the real American howl in the background.

Jeff Welsch: Meh, I see enough blood and guts on my TV every night as it is.

Mike Scherting: I have to be honest…I don’t think I want to see this at all, no matter who the celebrities are.

Greg Rachac: The only kind of feud I like is Family Feud. Steve Harvey always brings the funny.


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