Bergen addresses the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia –


“I think first and foremost that millions of Canadians stand with the people of Ukraine right now, whether you’re conservative or liberal, it’s a non-partisan issue that we stand with the people of Ukraine.” This comment from Acting Leader of the Federal Conservatives and MP for Portage-Lisgar, Candice Bergen. “There is obviously a large Ukrainian community in Canada. We are with them.”

“We are just appalled at what we see Putin doing. His actions are totally unacceptable,” Bergen added. “They are barbaric. It is horrible to see what he has done, and so as Conservatives we are going to do a few things. We think there are things the government can do to support the people Ukrainian and to stand with them in a practical way.”

Bergen said she believes the best route to punishment is to work with our allies to enforce tough sanctions.

She noted that Canada also needs to look at its own borders.

“We have the Arctic, and the liberals have really ignored the Arctic, and we share a border on the Arctic with Russia, so we have to be very aware of that. The conservatives think we have to pay attention to that, and our overall foreign policy has been very weak under the Liberals. Trudeau has been naïve about Iran, China, even Russia, thinking diplomacy would work. And diplomacy doesn’t work with bullies. It doesn’t work. not with those kinds of diets.”

Bergen concluded that now is the time for our nation to have a firm, principled foreign policy that will help it stand up to bullies like Putin.


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