Bennet Challenger, leader, does not believe in climate change: “It’s called the weather”


In a YouTube video posted earlier this month, Colorado U.S. Senate candidate and state Rep. Ron Hanks (R-Cañon City) said he doesn’t believe climate change is a real problem.

“We have to start marketing the truth,” Hanks said. “I don’t want to sit here and pretend that climate change is a real problem. It’s called the weather. [applause] They used it as a lever to control politics and control the conversation and we need to reverse it.

Hanks responds to a question on what appears to be a candidate forum for Republicans seeking to unseat U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO), given that he is seated next to fellow candidate Peter Yu. Hanks responds to was how the candidates would react to Bennet’s attacks on climate change.

Hanks went on to say that climate change is a Chinese plot to stop the United States from expanding domestic manufacturing.

“Their climate change concepts are also another line of effort from China,” Hanks said. “Remember how I talked about bringing manufacturing back to the United States? Well, just like the green movement in Europe during the Reagan nuclear era, they forced us to shut down our power plants and coal plants early so we couldn’t manufacture in our country. And this is a serious effort by China to emasculate us.

Below is the full video of the exchange.

The video was posted by a YouTube account called Ron Hanks for the US Senate which has other videos of the same event. In these videos, Hanks talks about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Canadian truck convoys, the Second Amendment and Joe Biden.

Hanks is a QAnon conspiracy theorist and voter fraud. He witnessed the attack on the Capitol and broke through the police barriers there. Last year, as a member of the Colorado House of Representatives, Hanks made racist comments downplaying the Three/Fifths Compromise.

So far this year, Hanks has won three different straw polls at Republican Senate candidate forums and debates across the state.

Last week, a Hanks-sponsored bill that would have limited early voting and the ability to vote by mail in Colorado failed in committee.

Despite what Hanks claims, climate change is a real, man-made problem, according to a broad scientific consensus. Additionally, the titanic effect of climate change is causing environmental disasters, such as wildfires and drought, here in Colorado.


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