Bad weather closes schools | Macau Business


Macao authorities announce the suspension of primary and secondary classes this Wednesday due to bad weather.

The heavy rains expected in the territory could “have a significant impact on the safety of students”, which is why “the Office of Education and Youth (DSEDJ) announces the suspension of classes (…) at all levels of non-tertiary education,” it said.

Higher education institutions are “managing the situation in accordance with their respective provisions,” he added in the same statement.

DSEDJ also warned that “schools should take necessary preventative measures in advance, including installing flood barriers, verifying the safety of school buildings and facilities, removing equipment, and pay attention to the state of the electrical system, in order to guard against flooding.

Authorities in Macau today had asked those responsible for historic buildings in low-lying areas of the city to take preventive measures, given the bad weather forecast for this week, after the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau warned that which “from the middle of the week, on the south coast of China, the heaviest rains of this year could occur.

Authorities, which on Monday last week recorded the coldest May day since 1952, pointed out that “global warming has led to more frequent extreme weather conditions than before, and Macau has recorded three extreme records the last year.

Last year, the territory recorded 35 storms and an average temperature of 23.5 degrees Celsius, the second hottest year since 1952.


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