China Sourcing Process

Our sourcing process is simple and we use a 5 steps program

If you don not have any knowledge of doing business in China , your budget and time is tight, but you would like to find a reliable factory in China, we will do the preliminary desk and field work for you.

Before we start we will discuss your wishes and formulate your goals: eg.: 20%-40% cost reduction or create a new focus for you entire business model and outsource all or parts of your current manufacturing into China. 

our fee and Pricings

Each business and sourcing requirement is different. We cannot give a fixed fee but after our first contact we can make a quick quotation. We will make a report and visit at least 1 selected factory after a selection procedure based on your listed criteria and wishes. all -of course - in a transparent way..

The first step of our sourcing process:

Briefing and requirements

After a Meeting/Telecom conference with the client and, we will set up a list of requirements in consultation with our client. This results in a rrequirements land wishes list. eg: Manufacturer must have decoration facilities. Manufacturer must have own export license, etc.

second step of our sourcing process:

First ‘’Shake down”

We will find and make a lis of 10 manufacturers out of our own database + out of extensive desktop search.

Selection of 5 best manufacturers on basis of the top most important requirements, written down in the list of requirements.

third step of our sourcing process:

Profound research: Interrogate the best suppliers by telephone. Ask suppliers for their best existing samples & company documentary.

Possible a “test” request for quotation. (RfQ)


for a more detailed process please contact