A successful case, that we have finished within a sort time-span:

Kidsnautique, a Dutch Company started by Roel Janssen (a Dutch innovator), asked us to produce their first product: An innovative seat for babies and children on sailingboats.

We have chosen for a multiple suppliers strategy, because it is a patented product and the seat is targeted at a high-end market, the Maritime pleasure sector. : the high-end stainless steel products are produced at specialist  factories whereas the final assembly and sewing of the seat is done within a baby stroller factory.

The results were amazing: within 3 months we have sourced all the unknown factories, we managed to manufacturer 2 sample rounds and produced the first batch of baby seats.

Now we will continue with production and we are in the process of designing new products for Kidsnautique, such as an water alarm.


The Sea Swing

Later we design and engineered a special adapter for this chair so it fits in a sailing boat's winch. Not an easy product to engineer as the technical requirements , such as safety , were not easy to accomplish.

Nowadays we are involved in the preparation of the manufacturing of sports devices, LED lighting and a professional tanning system.