China Sourcing information


China Sourcing was established by two Dutch industrial engineers from the Netherlands about 5 years ago. Our official company name is Triple-c LTD in Hong Kong and Shanghai , wherein the 3 C's stand for China , Creative and the third C for Company.

Why Creative?

We studied Industrial Design Engineering in Delft, the Netherlands and worked for several companies; among others for Lego, Philips Electronics and Retail Design Factory in Shanghai.

In that time we have worked with different kind of suppliers in China and Singapore, mainly in the field of consumer electronics, injection moulding and metal sheet and spring factories. At that time we found out that there was an amazing growth in a the need for a reliable sourcing service company need for western companies and we decided to set up our own sourcing company.

Since our start we have an extensive design and engineering experience as well a profound sourcing experience in prototypes, custom made parts, domestic appliances, furniture, displays, soft goods, toys, maritime products, lighting products, safety products and packaging.

At this moment we are involved in the product design of a new professional sprayer system for our Australian customer SUNFX. Unfortunately because of confidentiality reasons we cannot show any pictures yes.

Another interesting project we are working on is a new sports-aid product from StheB: the so called swing trainer.

We enjoy our work everyday and our motto is: No fun no Glory.

We are enjoying everyday the energy, the fast growth, international environment and life in China.