Product development, manufacturing and Procurements services in China:

Welcome at China's premier product development and manufacturing company: Triple-c Hong Kong limited and based in Shanghai: Our aim is to deliver a one shop stop service for innovators, marketers, designers or engineers. Or, in short, anybody with a brilliant innovative new product idea!

We provide 4 services in China:

  • Product design engineering or product development in China.

Our core competence and specialization is the designing and manufacturing of innovative custom made products and high quality parts made in China.

We translate your idea or 2d sketch in a fully functional product. We have our own 4 steps industrial design (engineering) process, where prototyping and medium-series or mass manufacturing play an increasingly important role already early in this process.

If your idea comprises an electronic device we can help as well. Designing PCB 's ( printed circuit boards) and electronic systems will be executed by professional Dutch engineers, engineers have years of working experience within Philips N.V. together with mechanical, plastic design engineers we will make a fully functional product with the help of 3d cad systems.

  • China parts and plastic manufacturing: plastic parts injection molding and assembly

Together with our main manufacturing partners around Shanghai and Xiamen we make CNC machined, milled or turned aluminum, steel or plastic parts - such as ABS, POM, PP-for medium, low volume series or mass manufacturing.

Another specialization of our engineering team is the development and of injection molding tools for plastic parts in China. See for more information:

Furthermore we can offer assembly and packaging services, such as blistering and carton boxes.

  • 3d rapid prototyping

From our experience as product designers working for Philips, Sc Johnson and small medium enterprises we believe rapid prototyping is extreme important

in the development process and an easy communication enabler: It is much easier to communicate with Chinese factories with the help of a real 3d prototype model than hundreds of emails or telephone-calls. To learn more about rapid prototyping china made by China prototype center click our links at the side bar. We are capable to make 1 pieces of your product idea, but also a small volume for your assembly , marketing or consumer test(s).

Or you can read general information about at that side on the Net.

  • china sourcing or procurement services

With the help of a group of certified Chinese manufacturers we deliver quickly and cost effective prototypes, samples, small and large orders of your product or product ideas. We offer outsourcing and sourcing services on mainland China. We source all kinds of products in China, with high quality and low costs. We will select the best manufacturer or best price for you, depending on your demands. Our team of quality engineers will always visit the supplier and will follow up sampling and manufacturing. With more than 10 years of experience in buying and finding reliable quality suppliers, we are your "local design, purchasing and quality control office" in Shanghai China. Click here for more on our firm's design services.

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If you consider manufacturing your products in a low-cost country, China is still the first choice. Why?

Because of China's enormous manufacturing capacity, excellent infrastructure, government subsidiaries and of course low workers salaries. If you need qualified factories and a reliable product design and sourcing service provider with experience in manufacturing innovative products in China, please contact us at : or

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So for all your new product ideas Triple-c offers you a one stop shop services in china : From product development until mass manufacturing, together with our transparent communication and early involvement of our Chinese factories in the development process, you have found a great partner to work with.

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